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The Department of Justice states, "The link between academic failure and delinquency, violence, and crime is welded to reading failure."

We believe that while donating books to the schools and communities we support are necessary, we also recognize that it is equally important to identify and create opportunities that foster a literacy rich environment.

Our team, and volunteers are committed to working with schools and communities to develop and/or support literacy programs. We are also committed to ensuring that every book donated is grade level and content appropriate for the schools and communities we support.

How Does it Work?

Teachers are able to click on our registration page and fill out a request to receive books for their school. Once our team receives a request, we reach out to that teacher to gather more information prior to ordering the books.

Once a teacher has been approved our team works to book order and ship the new books to the school. It's that simple!


Who Can Apply?

While we understand the need for literacy resources is a need for all schools, we feel as though its necessary for our foundation to focus specifically on those schools classified as Title I by the U.S. Department of Education.

Not sure if your school is Title I?

Check with your school administration to ensure your school is Title I designated.

National Reading Day


National Reading Day is an annual event which celebrates and encourages reading by younger children.
National Reading Day is celebrated in thousands of schools all around the United States. 

Elementary School Programs

This literacy event is designed to help Pre-K through Third Grade students develop the literacy foundation they need to become lifelong learners. Schools, libraries, nonprofit groups, and parents participate in a variety of activities with younger readers on National Reading Day. Have your students join in with the hundreds of thousands of other young readers who will celebrate National Reading Day!

Types of National Reading Day Programs:

+ Literacy and Mathematics

+ Readers Theater
+ Book Club
+ Creative Writing & Journalism
+ Math, Science and Technology

Open Book 5K Walk/Run

Each year TOBF host the Open Book 5K Walk/Run to bring awareness on the need for literacy proficiency amongst Title I (low-income) elementary schools. By hosting this event annually parents, teachers, students, and community leaders are able to come together show support for their schools.

Benefits of Open Book 5K

+ Book Donation to participating schools
+ Family Engagement
+ Community awareness
+ Math, Science and Technology
+ Anti-bullying
+ Special Talents programs

Global Reader Program

​Education and Recreation

The Global  Reader Program is a collaboration and introduction through literacy to show students that they are part of something bigger than them. That the world needs to be protected and that we need to care for all people. You can show them pictures of kids in other countries but why not have them speak to each other? Then the caring can begin.

The premise is simple; we pick a book to read aloud to our students during a set 6-week period and during that time we try to make as many global connections as possible. Each teacher decides how much time they would like to dedicate and how involved they would like to be. Some people choose to connect with just one class, while others go for as many as possible. The scope and depth of the project is up to you.

+ Literacy and Mathematics

+ Readers Theater
+ Book Club
+ Creative Writing & Journalism
+ Math, Science and Technology (STEM)
+ Junior Achievement Enrichment

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